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Creative Ideas With the Web Design Options

The Internet has always experienced rapid change and constant development. Technologies and requirements for websites are constantly changing. The wisdom applies here like never before: Who does not go with the time that goes with the time.Especially companies that offer their products and services on the Internet should and must meet these requirements in order to remain competitive. Websites that were up-to-date a few years ago are no longer able to meet the demands of users, end devices and Google.The term modern web design must therefore be constantly redefined. An up-to-date summary of the main site requirements is provided in this article.

Current criteria for modern web design

  1. Responsiveness

The most important topic in 2016 was the responsiveness of their websites for many webmasters. And that remains in 2017 for a good reason. According to Statista , over 54% of all Internet access now takes place via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).Anyone who deals with the user behavior of website visitors knows their impatience. An annoyed user leaves a badly accessible website faster than he found it. The hard or expensive purchased so the user leaves the site again, due to lack of technical relevance. The answer is Responsive Web Design. This CSS-based preparation of the content optimally displays the website on all end devices. A Web Design Company is there.

  1. Accessibility

Web site accessibility is similar to building accessibility. This is the claim to make websites understandable and readable for everyone. Especially people with physical limitations should be made easily accessible the contents of the websites. But also users who are unfamiliar with the use of the Internet should make it easy to use the websites.Here Google can be presented as an example, because the search box and the search button are clearly recognizable as such for everyone and there are hardly any options other than the search offered. The language-based search feature also makes it easier for people with physical disabilities to use the site.

  1. Code structure

The clear separation of content (HTML) and design (CSS) should be strictly implemented. Google once again sets web standards, because websites that do not consistently implement such or other aspects already mentioned, must fear a lower ranking.However, this also makes sense from a webmaster’s point of view, as it leads to easier expandability (e.g. implementation of responsiveness), adaptability and a clearer structure.

  1. Clarity and readability

Most visitors decide in the first few seconds if they will stay on the site. The most used button in the browser is the back button. These two facts show countless studies that deal with user behavior on the Internet.Confusing sitemaps and menu structures, inconsistent headings (h1 – h6 in HTML), too small text size, annoying sounds, videos or pop-ups as well as too many options for action and distractions ensure a high bounce rate and thus less conversion and bad Google rankings.The requirements that users and Google place on the clarity and readability of websites will continue to increase significantly in 2017.


True Intentions for the Proper SEO Work

In 2018, the time to give up a bad habit relates to SEO, as a single effort. Optimizing the pages once, you need to regularly adapt them to what is happening in the search for changes.Today this is more important than ever, because now even the first-ranked sites are not displayed at the top of the page due to changes in the design of the issuance. And this is just one of many innovations.

What other trends should every SEO specialist know in 2018?

This year promises to be memorable for specialists in search engine optimization. The rules of the game are constantly changing, so stay in touch with all the latest events is simply necessary. What should you pay special attention to in 2018? That’s what experts think about it. The use of the Search Engine Optimization happens to be essential here.

  1. New Elements InSerp

You probably noticed that there are a lot more blocks in the search result: there were extended answers, panels of knowledge, recommendations. Now, even if your site takes the first position on demand, it will not attract the same amount of traffic as before.

Yandex added to the SERP links to its current services, four special offerings and tests an additional block Direct. Google launched three updates to its SERP so that users could see even more information and photos on demand.How to respond to these changes? Watch for what additional blocks appear on your request, and assess your own chances of getting into one of them.

  1. Structured Data

Structured data can help your site get into the knowledge bar or extended descriptions and attract up to 30% more clicks. This will be a real SEO victory over competitors.

  1. Speed

Speed ​​is not only an important ranking signal, but also the main factor of UX. If your pages load longer than three seconds, you lose a huge amount of traffic.

  1. Relevance

Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to convince search engines that your content deserves attention.Google evaluates the quality of content using Latent Semantic Indexing – an algorithm for analyzing a billion pages and the terms they meet. So the search engine understands whether a request is used in a suitable context.

  1. Voice Search

Voice search is becoming more popular, and users are getting used to communicating with voice assistants. 55% of adolescents and 44% of adults already use them daily. In these conditions, it is important for experts to not forget about dialog queries.

Useful information about who and how to use voice search, you will find in the article ” How to prepare a business for the revolution of voice search “.

  1. Mobile

The share of mobile search continues to grow rapidly, and, therefore, SEO professionals must perfectly master AMP Google and Turbo Yandex.It is expected that this year will be implemented mobile-first index, and mobile optimization will be an important factor in ranking.

What Makes the Articles Perfect? Get the Information

When people think about writing an article for the first time, it is often accompanied by thoughts like ‘What do I have to report?’ or ‘No one is waiting for my story.’ Let me be honest: I also thought so. And once we decided that I wanted to write an article, the thought followed: “Then I have to publish on the opinion page” … And then nothing came out of my pen, you might understand that. We have been writing articles for a while now. Do you also want to write an article? Below you can read tips to start.

Your Thoughts

Thoughts can ensure that you do not even start an article. You think it takes too much time, that you have never been a writer, or that you cannot think of a good subject. It may be that you do not let yourself be spoiled by those thoughts. But most people are not as strong in their shoes. Many articles remain unwritten.

  • If you would like to spread your vision in the field, you can of course talk about it. You may already be doing that. But writing an article … that suddenly feels like something else. The big difference between speaking and writing is that with an article you write, you lose control.
  • You have sent your ideas into the wide world. And you cannot do anything about it anymore. Others are going to find something of your article: positive or negative. Maybe they catch you on an actual inaccuracy. Articles make you visible: you are in the shop window. And that can be pretty scary.

However, articles can also bring you a lot

Writing an article gives your reader confidence: you can show what you know. That makes you an expert. In addition, you sharpen your thoughts by writing an article. It forces you to think about how you can make matters from your field accessible to people who know less about your profession. But they are interested.

But then perhaps those thoughts come again: “Is it worthwhile to share my ideas? Am I so innovative?” We give you three tips on how to overcome the threshold to make your ideas public with an article:

  1. Start with a topic that is right for you , which you can easily tell about. For example, answer a question that you often get when you talk about your profession.
  2. Improve your writing technique. Many people miss the tools to write, as it were. You can do a few things about that. The most important thing is: read articles from others consciously. How is that article structured in the newspaper? How did that person compose his Ezine Articles? Or buy a book about writing articles. Or follow a writing training.
  3. Make clear what your article can yield. Describe in advance what readers can achieve with your text. It could be that they get information about an urban plan, or that they read tips for setting up a good recruitment campaign. Articles have to deliver something to the reader. If you know what that is, you can also counter the idea ‘Who’s waiting for me’. You can probably think of someone who will appreciate your article. Let that be the person for whom you write!
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